Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Thoughts on Gadgets and Things: Tribute to the Real Women who Make Christmas

Hello all!

GIFT IDEAS FROM ISIDRA GADGET! Here are a few things folks close to me have available and if you are in Los Angeles area, you can get them today:

The first thing on my list is not a gadget at all. It is "Heritage: a 2008 appointment book featuring 365 Days of the African American Experience." These great gift books keep on giving all year long. Check out Heritage by Deloris Holt. I designed her website here: Pick up a copy for $15 or if you pick up 5, the price drops to $12.50 each. Buy from the author (She lives in Leimert Park area). All of her contact numbers and emails are at the website.

Give the gift of knowledge! Dr. Kwaku's student's know that his DVD's and CD's are very powerful and uplifting. Audio CD's are only $10 each and DVD's are $20.

But, why not consider giving the gift of his great class Afrikan World Civilizations Class starting Feb, 22, 2008? This 11 week series is only $100 (Only $10 per class) . See the video wrap-up of last session's class now on You Tube.

Stop by, or email him at

Great T-Shirts: Like Oprah, I have a friend Gail too! She and her husband Andre have beautifully designed Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airmen T-shirts at their website Get yours today for $20 each. Email Gail at and arrange a pick up.

And right after Christmas comes Kwanzaa. My mentor and friend William Byers has designed an informative DVD called The Kwanzaa Guide. If you want to see how Kwanzaa is celebrated --especially teachers--visit hey are available by calling the number on the website.

Finally, I'd like to take a moment and salute all those who make Christmas warm and special, especially my mother and mother-in-law. Without them, Christmas would be just another day. We all eagerly await my Mother-in-law's crispy peanut brittle and pumpkin breads. She makes loads of 'em and ships them all over the world! Yum!

I'd like to give kudos to Ronnie Hamilton, Leroy Hamilton's wife, whose handiwork always puts me in the Christmas spirit. She and women like Rene Cross Washington, begin planning the day after Christmas for the next Christmas, never miss a timely sent gift, a thoughtful card, and have years of quality Christmas ornaments, recipes, etc. on hand. All I am good for is the Christmas Video or Photo yearbook. But one day, when I grow up I promise to be just like them!

Almost a month ago, I walked into the Hamilton home and was blown away that she already had wrapped gifts piled up under the mantel and her table decorated for Christmas. These women shop--something I do little of--and find the best deals and make the recipients faces light up with how on point their gift selections are.

Since we have 5 sons, my husband and I split everything down the middle, (this is when you miss daughters, but I am waiting for the daughters-in-law.) He fries the turkey and grows, cleans and cooks the greens. I make the mac n cheese, dressing, yams and get the extras. We then load up the truck and take everything to my sister-in-law Joanne's house. Our family puts it together, and we always have fun, but missing is the Santa Claus sized bag of gifts, the decorations, and the tree. For gifts, I usually give money to the kids since they have their own tastes but that loses in translation.

This Christmas, my son Ayo suggested we do the White Elephant gift giving idea which, for our growing family, is an excellent idea. (Wikipedia explains it well if you are not familiar. Now I am excited about Christmas again.)

Jaaye suggested a pot luck which will take the cooking strain off my husband and I. Now our West Coast family can do like our East Coast family which had a gathering of over 60 for the Thanksgiving alone. The one thing they always rave about is the variety of food. Can't wait to taste what the boys cook up!

Oh! Tech gifts you might consider: a laptop for the elder in your life who is missing out on all the emails and photos online; a GPS unit for those who get lost and hate asking directions. Better yet, get them a cell phone with the Navigator in it like my LG NV (Verizon--scroll below--they even have a new Voyager that is supposed to rival the iPhone!) -- it's one less thing to carry. Buy an iPod nano for anyone and they will love you forever, or at least a skoshy lil iPod Shuffle. I have both and would not trade either. Be sure and load their music!

However you do it, enjoy the holidays, all. And if you have those special holiday wonder women like I have, give them an extra hug and consider yourself blessed that someone is making Christmas for you.

Happy New Year all!

PS: Are you a student at West L.A. College? I will be teaching Business English (Business 31) and Business Communications (Business 32) in the Spring beginning February 4. Make your education your New Year's Resolution! Register at

PPS: From our family to yours - Holiday Flashes from the past:

These are rookie productions, but watch out for the 2007 version to see how much we've grown. (Coming soon)
Until then, enjoy my channel at

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