Thursday, September 6, 2007

Finally, the New iPod with the iPhone Features!

Didja miss it? Didja miss it? Apple announced a new iPod called the "Touch" Sept. 5. There is no phone but it has all of the other technology of the iPhone except the ability to check emails. There is a complete tutorial Click on the touch and you will find it!

They also DROPPED the price of the 8 gig iPhone from $599 to $399, the same price as the new Touch! the new Touch starts out at $299 for an 8 gig and $399 for a 16 gig. And it has wifi Internet! Read the review at

If your man hates asking directions, he will love GPS!

Hello all. I have been on an extended vacation, but I'm back now! While on vacation, I simply do not know what I would have done without my GPS! GPS stands for "Global Positioning Satellite" and that technology powers devices as small as your cell phone to give you turn-by-turn directions. My family lives out on the prairie in Virginia and it takes me right to their door. DC, which is one of the most confusing cities for me to navigate was a piece of cake for my sons' graduations.

I first fell in love with them when Hertz threw in a "Never Lost" when I rented a car. I hated to turn that thing in. Of course and other web based driving directions are great for getting you there...but not when you are alone. I found that in trying to find the airport in pouring down rain before the crack of dawn in Richmond, Virginia. I simply cannot drive and read at the same time. Two or more people makes more sense for written directions.

But since Christmas when my son bought me the new enV cellphone from LG, I have never feared venturing out alone to unfamiliar places. (And this incidentally is one thing my husband's new iPhone cannot do!) "The Lady" as I call her gets me there, helps me find Thai restaurants in remote places, and accompanies on all my road trips. Even when I do have (the best reason the computer was invented) , I often overshoot a turn because I am on the phone. Not with this lady. She will tell you when to turn well before the turn then bug the hell out of you until you make the turn. If you still miss the turn, she patiently says recalculating route and figures out another way for you to get there. It doesn't help too much while walking, since it will tell you in a minute when you are not on a road...

These make great gifts for elders who move to unfamiliar states in search of inexpensive home prices--if they are not afraid to use them, and young people who are just beginning to drive. Trust me on this. For more information. read this extensive article from Consumer Reports: Choosing a Navigation System.